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Micon- The Ballroom

Grand Prairie, TX 75054


Awaken Your Imagination

Member, Assosciation of Bridal Consultants



THIS AGREEMENT is made this ______ day of __________,______ by and between _______________________________________(hereinafter referred to as “Renter”), whose address is_____________________________________________________

__________________ and MICON GROUP LLC., (hereinafter “Micon The Ballroom”).

Renter shall rent from Micon The Ballroom the Premises located at 3508 Harwood Road Suite 202, Bedford, Texas 76021 (hereinafter “Banquet Hall” or “the Premises”) on ___________________________, in its present condition under the following terms:

Please read carefully to fully understand your responsibilities.

1. Damage Deposit. A damage deposit of $250, (hereinafter Damage Deposit) shall be collected from the Renter secured as a check or charge to a major credit card (due at time of signing). Such charge will not be processed until after the event following Micon The Ballroom’s confirmation of damage. After the event, Micon The Ballroom shall apply deposit against payment for any damages and any other charges incurred, and net amount shall be due and payable to Micon The Ballroom by Renter, or any unused portion of deposit shall be returned to Renter after, and if, all conditions outlined in this agreement, including Additional Conditions section are fulfilled by the Renter, to the Micon The Ballroom’s satisfaction. The Damage Deposit shall be secured and subjected as a charge to a major credit card. Damage Deposit shall be returned to Renter following Micon The Ballroom’s confirmation that no damage has occurred to the Banquet Hall premises, and surrounding property. Renter agrees that if the damages actually incurred by Micon The Ballroom exceed the amount of the Damage Deposit collected, then the Renter is liable for the difference. Renter further agrees that if the same is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, to pay the costs of collecting the amount due, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

2. Rental Rate. The Rental Rate shall be determined upon completion of the attached “Pricing Schedule” and such amounts shall be entered below:

Rental Rate

(rental amount + attendant and any other known services)


Rental Rate

(rental amount + attendant and any other known services)

$__HRS TBD__

Security Personnel: (Required for Well Liquor alcoholic service

Parties over 100 - Two (2) are required $25.00/hr minimum. Must be present during all hours of bar operation

Additional Services:



A damage deposit of $400.00, or $800.00 if well liquor is served, shall be collected from the Renter secured as a check or charge to a major credit card (due at time of signing). Such charge will not be processed until after the event following Micon The Ballroom’s confirmation of damage. See Rental Agreement Document for further terms and conditions.

Credit Card (required): MC OR VISA ONLY


V-Code _____________Zip Code ________________



Total of all deposits, $250.00 minimum for the date secured, plus

any payments known at this time required by other vendors.


BALANCE DUE ON OR BEFORE ______________ 


Balance of Rental Rate for date secured and all payments due other Vendors prior to event date. Failure to make payment will constitute default of this Agreement. Applicable State Sales Taxes will be applied to Final Invoice.

A separate check for a minimum of $250.00 plus any known fees of additional vendors secured by Micon The Ballroom shall be due at the time of signing to hold the date for the event, and shall be deposited in the Banquet Hall account. The balance due for payment of the room and any vendors secured by Micon The Ballroom shall be due 30 days prior to the event, and is non-refundable (unless the vendors refund any part of the payment). 

The Refund policy for cancellations is as follows:

At least 60 days before the event:          

If Micon The Ballroom can re-book the date, then the Rental Rate and all deposits will be refunded, less a 20% service charge. If not, then the entire amount is non-refundable.

Less than 60 days before the event:       


3. Term of Event. The term shall be from ________________________(hereinafter, “Usage Term”). ALL EVENTS MUST END NO LATER THAN 3:00am. ALL VENDORS SECURED BY RENTER SHALL VACATE BY 4:30 A.M. or ½ hour following the end of the secured rental time.

4. Renter Responsibility.

(a) Renter agrees to be completely responsible for any and all damages which may occur, either as the result of accidents or intentional acts of Renter, guests, and/or vendors secured by the Renter or Micon The Ballroom. 

(b) Renter warrants that he/she shall remain ON THE BANQUET HALL PREMISES AT ALL TIMES during the Usage Term.

(c) Renter shall provide to Micon The Ballroom certificates of insurance and bonding for any vendor secured by Renter prior to event.

5. Alcohol Use.

(a) BY LAW, NO ONE UNDER 21 MAY CONSUME OR TASTE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. Renter agrees and warrants that there shall be NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL BY PERSONS UNDER AGE 21. Further, Renter shall monitor all service, if any, of alcohol and specifically acknowledges that Renter is solely liable for the consumption of any alcohol by any person on the Premises and that such liability shall extend to any aspect regarding the consumption of alcohol.

(b) Micon The Ballroom may ask guests for identification to verify age. Micon The Ballroom reserves the right to ask the entire party to leave if (1) a minor is consuming alcohol; (2) an adult is providing alcohol to a minor; or (3) a guest or guests appears intoxicated and refuses to leave the Premises.

(c) All alcohol must be served by a pre-approved bartender and consumed INSIDE Micon The Ballroom. No alcohol is permitted anywhere outside of the main building. This includes outside the front door, the parking lots, and rear of building. Only packaged liquor may be consumed. No “punch”, “kool-aid” or any other drinks mixed by anyone other than the approved bartenders is allowed.

(d) Only caterers and persons holding the appropriate liquor licenses and permits pre-approved by Micon The Ballroom will be authorized to dispense alcohol, and only from the bar area.

Proposed Bartender(s): ____________________________________________________________________

(e) If alcohol is served, Security may be required for the duration of the event. If over 100 guests are expected, then two (2) security personnel shall be required. Determination of the need for security personnel is at the sole discretion of Micon The Ballroom and scheduling of said personnel is the responsibility of Micon The Ballroom.

(f) Renter shall indemnify and hold Micon The Ballroom and the City of Bedford harmless from all liability for improper use of alcohol.

6. Compliance. Renter agrees to comply with the additional rules entitled “Additional Conditions,” concerning the use of the Banquet Hall which may be attached hereto and made a part of this Agreement.

7. Indemnity. Renter covenants at all times to hold harmless Micon The Ballroom and its agents from and against all loss, liability, cost or damages that may occur or be claimed with respect to any person or persons, corporation, property or chattels, on or about the Banquet Hall, or to the property itself resulting from any act done, or omission by or through the Renter, its agents, contractors, employees, invitees, or any person on the Premises by reason of the Renter’s use or occupancy or resulting from Renter’s non-use, or possession of said property and any and all loss, costs, liability, or expense resulting therefrom; and at all times to maintain said Banquet Hall Premises and the surrounding property, in a safe and careful manner.

8. Access to Banquet Hall. All events are on a “first-come first-served” basis. An evening event booked after an afternoon event may be required to have a later start time. Set-up shall be included in booking time, unless other arrangements are made directly with Micon The Ballroom. All Renters, guests, caterers, musicians and vendors shall be out of the Banquet Hall one-half (1/2) hour after the event’s scheduled ending time, unless prior arrangements have been made. A charge of $100.00 per hour, or portion thereof, shall apply for each hour the Banquet Hall is not cleared after an event.

9. Miscellaneous. Renter will supply and use reasonable and adequate table coverings during the event. Linens will be secured through Micon The Ballroom or from an outside vendor. If an outside vendor is used, linens must be at Micon The Ballroom at least two (2) hours prior to scheduled start time.

10. Cleanup. Clean up of Banquet Hall will be completed no later than one-half (1/2) hour after the end of the scheduled time. Renter shall adhere to the following instructions for clean-up of the facility:

(a) Banquet Room. Table trash, cups, plates, plasticware, cake, food, decorations, etc. will be gathered and placed in proper receptacles. All cups will be emptied into the sinks before being placed in the trash receptacles.

(b) Restrooms. Trash will be picked up from the bathroom floors.

(c) Outdoors/Veranda. Trash will be picked up outside the building. Cigarette butts, cups, miscellaneous items left outside and on the veranda area shall be disposed of in proper receptacles (not in planters or flower beds).

(d) Kitchen/Bar Area. The kitchen is to be left as it is found. Wipe out sinks, wipe counters/tables/stovetop clean, clean bar equipment, remove remaining bottles, cans, kegs, etc. from the site. Floors in the kitchen/bar area are to be left clean.

Any necessary clean-up by Micon The Ballroom of any items (a) through (d) will be charged and withheld from the deposit. 

Micon The Ballroom will clean the floors for the next event.

11. Decorations. Renter agrees that decorations shall NOT be attached to the walls, ceilings, existing wall decorations, woodwork, ceiling fixtures, window treatments, by use of nails, scotch tape, staples, etc. Other decorating restrictions apply, as described in the attached “Additional Conditions.”

12. Use of Kitchen. The kitchen is a “warming or staging” kitchen only and shall not be used for full preparation of meals for guests. Caterers or serving personnel may use stove/oven, the refrigerator, ice machine, ice totes, cocktail units, countertops for service at the event and with permission from Banquet Hall personnel. At no time may caterers use any serving utensils, food, beverages, containers or any other equipment found in-house. The kitchen shall be left in the condition it was found. Food shall be scraped into the disposal, dishes rinsed, and the sink and floor shall be clean. Failure to do so shall result in cleaning charges deducted from Renter’s damage deposit.

13. Use of Veranda Area. Smoking is permitted on the veranda. Renter is requested to ensure that guests observe the city noise ordinance. Renter is responsible for disposing of cigarette butts in the proper receptacles (not planters or flower beds). Renter shall use no nails or staples on the deck; plastic wire ties are acceptable, but must also be disposed of at the end of the event. Any necessary clean-up by Micon The Ballroom will be charged from the deposit.

14. *Use of PA System. A PA or electronic amplification system is available for use during your event. DJ’s and bands or other entertainers are NOT allowed to use this system. This system may be used for background/dinner music, playing of audio for a program, announcements, toasts, etc. Renter will be responsible for damage to system, speakers or any component from misuse or abuse of the system by the Renter or a guest. PA use will be supervised by Micon The Ballroom personnel.

15. Caterers. *Micon The Ballroom has compiled an approved list of caterers for your use. If a caterer is preferred who is not on the approved list, consent may be obtained for use of the caterer following written notification to Micon The Ballroom, by providing the appropriate certificate of insurance, and by reviewing and adhering to the provisions in this Agreement that pertain to caterers/outside vendors.

16. Conduct of Event. For the duration of the event, the Renter and its guests must abide by the Micon The Ballroom policies and comply with applicable regulations and laws. Renter is responsible for the actions of guests and for any damages or losses incurred during the event. Micon The Ballroom has the right to refuse entry or service to and remove from the premises any person it deems to be behaving in an improper or abusive manner or in a manner not befitting Micon The Ballroom. Micon The Ballroom reserves the right to exclude or remove any undesirable persons from the event and premises without liability.

17. Insurance. * The Renter shall furnish a proof of liability insurance certificate wherein it adds Micon The Ballroom to its liability policy through the use of an Additional Insured Endorsement. This certificate is due to Micon The Ballroom thirty (30) days before the scheduled event.

18. Changes. Changes to approved items seven (7) days or less prior to the scheduled event shall be charged as the vendors charges, plus an additional 25% rush charge. Such changes would include, but are not limited to, linen colors or styles, menus and entertainment. If attendance exceeds the predetermined estimate, charges will be assessed accordingly.

19. Governing Law. The parties agree that any dispute shall be subject to the laws of the State of Texas, and that any legal action shall be brought in Tarrant/ Dallas County, Texas.

20. Entire Agreement. The parties agree that all of the terms and conditions are contained herein and that any modification shall be in writing.

The parties hereto have set their hands on the day and year first above written. 



_____________________________________ Date: _____________ _____________________________________

Printed Name: Constance Longo

Title: Manager/ Co-ordinator Date: _____________ 


1. Micon The Ballroom facility is rented as is. Alterations to the facility are not permitted: pictures, trophies, lamps, furniture, and other day-to-day decorative accessories may not be relocated or removed from the Premises.

__________ Renter Initials

2. No nails, staples, screws, pins, tape or adhesives of any kind may be put into walls, ceilings or floors.

No adhesive tapes including scotch, masking, and duct tape may be placed on any surfaces.

__________ Renter Initials

3. There will be no consumption of “Energy Drinks, ie; RedBull, Monster, etc., no shots, shooters, or any alcoholic mixes that are mixed off premises without approval. Any frozen drink machines, “Margarita machines” etc., will only be allowed upon approval and will be subject to a cleaning charge (minimum of $100) deducted from the damage deposit.

__________ Renter Initials

4. The usage of candles in centerpieces is permitted only with approval from Micon The Ballroom personnel. Candles may be used on buffet tables by caterers, but only when the table/candles are under their direct supervision.

__________ Renter Initials

5. *No rice, confetti, birdseed, or other unapproved “celebration materials” shall be allowed inside or outside the facility. Please check with Micon The Ballroom if a certain material is unapproved.

__________ Renter Initials

6. No Drinks whatsoever allowed on the dance floor.

__________ Renter Initials

7. No punch with red dyes or red soft drinks allowed. All other colored beverages (cranberry juice/tomato juice for mixers, etc.) will need prior approval by Micon The Ballroom. Any additional or special cleaning charges (minimum of $100) from red dyed drinks/foods will apply

__________ Renter Initials

8. Set-up shall be part of the scheduled time unless previous arrangements are made.

__________ Renter Initials

9. D.J.’s/musicians must be finished by ________am/ pm. This allows time to dismantle their equipment and be out by _________ am/ pm. A breach of contract occurs if the vendor is not out of the building by _______ am/pm. D.J.’s may not use a fog machine. No dance wax or compound, or any substance, may be spread on the floor.

__________ Renter Initials 

10. All foods, drinks and any other materials that stain, damage or otherwise disfigure flooring, walls or any other part of Micon The Ballroom will incur cleaning charges to remove the damage. A minimum charge of $100 shall apply. If damage occurs, Micon The Ballroom will contract all repairs to be made by skilled professionals; charges for repairs will be deducted from Renter’s damage deposit. In the event that repair costs exceed the amount of damage deposit, Renter will be responsible for the entire repair over and above the damage deposit.

__________ Renter Initials

11. Furniture arrangement must be approved by Micon The Ballroom prior to the event. While every effort will be made to arrange all furniture at the request of the renter, Micon The Ballroom reserves the right to adjust furniture as necessary to allow for safety, traffic, damage to walls or other reasons it deems necessary.

__________ Renter Initials

12. A joint walk-through will be requested by Micon The Ballroom during the next business day after the event if damage has occurred to the facility. If no damage has occurred, as determined by Micon The Ballroom, a walk-through will not be required.

__________ Renter Initials

13. If damages to the facility prevent the next scheduled event(s) from occurring, Renter will be responsible for any and all refundable deposits that may be demanded by future Renter(s).

__________ Renter Initials

14. All alcohol will be consumed inside Micon The Ballroom. All alcohol will be dispensed only by approved bartenders and only beverages approved by Micon The Ballroom and served at the bar inside Micon The Ballroom. Any alcoholic beverages consumed outside Micon The Ballroom, inside or from the inside, trunk or any part of an automobile, brought into Micon The Ballroom in coolers, containers, clothing, purses etc., or brought into or onto the premises by anyone other than the contracted Renter, and only at the load-in of all appropriate alcohol for the event, shall be subject to an immediate cancellation and shutdown of the event.

__________ Renter Initials

15. Micon The Ballroom is a non-smoking facility. All smoking should be done on the deck on the West end of the building, and the cigarette butts disposed of properly. Renter is responsible for picking up cigarette butts in the front of the building, around front door area and deck area after event. The use of Chewing Tobacco, snuff or any other smokeless tobacco product is strictly prohibited inside Micon The Ballroom. Receptacles for smokeless tobaccos, or “spit-cups” found in the premises after an event will constitute immediate forfeiture of the entire damage deposit.

__________ Renter Initials

16. Since rental is for Hall __ area of the Banquet Hall, use of the Hall __ area of the Banquet Hall is prohibited. __________ Renter Initials

17. We at Micon The Ballroom want your event to be memorable and as special as possible. We recognize that celebrations often include children and children will be children. We ask that parents be parents and supervise the children. Children should be kept from running, throwing food or other objects, standing in window boxes, on tables or chairs, hanging from or on doors. Children should at no time be allowed in the kitchen or bar areas, or outside if unsupervised. Micon The Ballroom shall not be responsible for injuries to unsupervised children. Renters shall be responsible for all damages incurred from children.

__________ Renter Initials

 _________________Acceptance of All “Additional Conditions”